“Oh, how I want to hug these precious bugs! A beautiful story of love, heartache and healing. A must-read for kids and adults alike.”

Nick Ortner, author of The Tapping Solution

Bug in a Jar is a heartwarming and emotional tale that takes the reader on a journey of love, hope and healing. The text has a gentle tone and as the story unfolds it allows the reader to find some peace and comfort in reading Bug’s experience. Alison’s book is beautiful tribute to her father and a reminder of the power of love.”

“I was fortunate enough to share this story with my class of first graders. I discovered that most everyone in my class knew someone who was dealing with a terminal illness… a family member, friend, neighbor, and even a pet. Bug in a Jar provided a great outlet for students to reflect and share their thoughts and feelings associated with such a sensitive subject.  Through class discussions and written reflections on what they believed the authors central message was, students carried away many important messages that will help them to overcome personal challenges in their own lives.”

– Jennifer Stenger Hambrock, Grade 1 Teacher at the Etna-Dixmont School

“I shared Bug in a Jar with our graduating class of Maine Track medical students as part of a Capstone session I had with them on end of life care. The response was overwhelming; Alison’s story touched them very deeply.”

– Peter W. Bates, MD, Senior VP & Academic Affairs/Chief Medical Officer, Academic Dean, Maine Medical Center / Tufts Medical School Program

Bug in a Jar is just right—just right for helping children understand death and dying in a simple, direct and loving way. The text and whimsical drawings are poignant, thoughtful, and honest, with an approach that removes fear or judgment from the process. For the adult reader, Bug in a Jar provides much wisdom and food for thought about the dying process, and insight into the loving path author Alison Bramhall walked while caring for her father at the end of his life.”

– Carol Schoneberg-Robinson, End-of-life Educator, Bereavement Services Manager, Hospice of Southern Maine

“Sooner or later most of us will need some help to live our best life when scary things happen to us or those we love. Bug in a Jar is for moments like that on your journey.”

– Nance Guilmartin, author of Healing Conversations: What to Say when You Don’t Know What to Say

Bug in a Jar helps young children face, feel, and negotiate the most difficult of troubles – losing a loved one. In a time of dying or grief it is a book that will help.”

– Reverend Peter Panagore, author of Heaven is Beautiful


Interview Derek Volk Show July 2016

Interview with Derek Volk July 30, 2016




Catching Health Interview
Catching Health Interview:

“Will you think I’m weird if I tell you I think Bug in a Jar — Alison Bramhall’s book about dying — is charming? I can’t help it. It is. 

Consider these synonyms for the word charming: Delightful, endearing, appealing, captivating.

Alison’s illustrations are delightful. Bright-colored and whimsical. The main characters Bug and Li’l Bug are endearing and appealing. The storyline is captivating.”

– Diane Atwood, Catching Health Blog Post

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MaineHealth Blog post by Ellie Baker (April 6, 2016):

Bug in a Jar: A Little Book with a Big Message