“I sat quietly with your book early this morning and felt it’s warm embrace – reading it was similar to getting a great, big, bear hug.  Oh how I loved it!  I just wanted to THANK YOU for getting this out into the world.  I love that it will not only be a helpful gift for terminal patients and their loved ones, but also for the doctors providing treatment.”  – Ellen T.

“I read your book today❤️
I really love it. It’s simple, complex and deep all in one. My son is with his dad this weekend but I can’t wait to share with him. Wonderful dedication to alternative healthcare!” – Carol F.


“I hadn’t had a chance to take time to sit and read Bug in a Jar word for word, every page, front to back until today.  I read it during my lunch break.  I loved it.”

“I knew it was coming, but when the bug died, I felt my eyes starting to tear up a little and a pang in my gut. My heart also broke for Little Bug who lost his dear friend (or family member).  It is a tender, gently told story. Well written.”

“I thought about my Dad as I read it…It is a special little book.” – Linda V.